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Attempts to justify Bible based on falsehoods

I WOULD like to reply to Ronnie Crawford's letter (Write Back, July 23).

In his response to Alistair McBray (Write Back, July 16), he goes down a very familiar path with regard to his attempts to justify theism. Firstly, he states that "someone, or something, must have created the things that exist" and from this he proposes that God created everything.

This argument, if taken to its logical conclusion, is one of infinite regression; who or what created God, who or what created whatever created God and so on backwards for ever and ever.

Ronnie's next argument is that God "has revealed Himself in the Old and New Testaments".

Quoting the Bible as proof of the existence of God is like quoting the Iliad as evidence for Zeus. Ronnie gets himself into a very circular argument if his position is "everything is true because it is written in the Bible".

Ronnie claims the Bible "has the divine imprimatur of hundreds of fulfilled prophesies".

Let's hear about some of these prophesies.

A specific example of a prophecy where the meaning and time was specific and understood beforehand and can be shown unambiguously to have been fulfilled afterwards.

The religious among us will no doubt say they have faith in the Bible. But faith is what people call the dispensation they give themselves to believe ridiculous things.



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