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Attitude to the heroic Gurkas just sickening

I FELT nauseated when I read on the BBC Teletext service that British military 'charities' have grave concerns how up to 12,000 Gurkas intending to take up residence in Britain would cope.

Then, as I read on, 'welfare' groups say some are arriving with no money. Who are these welfare groups? Barnardos? War on Want? St Vincent De Paul?

Here we have a race of people from Nepal renowned for not only their bravery in war (that equals any fighting unit in the world), but who also gave willingly their undivided loyalty to Britain and paid a heavy sacrifice in doing so, who are now disregarded and dumped by the British Government.

It took the courage of a woman (Joanne Lumley) to take up their case, while squeamish political wimps and Government appointees did their utmost to deny the Gurkas any recompense (or even credit) for their sacrifice.

Now I do not believe for one moment that Ms Lumley agreed that the Gurkas' residency in Britain would depend on handouts from welfare societies (ie; not the welfare state).

If any group of people deserve thanks for their loyalty to Britain it is the Gurkas.

Gordon Brown and his ilk should either hang their heads in shame or, better still, resign.

What credibility Britain has left as a democracy has just gone down the plughole.


Kircubbin, Co Down