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Author seeks some feedback on new book

Further to your publication of my letter last year complaining that there is not a single book in existence about the life and work of Ulster-born film actor Stephen Boyd, I am pleased to report that, thanks to a great deal of feedback from your readers, I have a manuscript in progress, currently exceeding 100 pages, and going well.

I am disappointed, however, that the response from several literary agents and publishers has been negative, suggesting that there is no appetite or interest in such a book, nor much commercial benefit. That may be so.

I therefore have two choices: to finish the manuscript, be satisfied that it is done and then file it away in a drawer as a personal achievement, or to make a last-ditch attempt for a serious collaborator or partner to see it through to the bookshop shelves.

Perhaps your readers will advise me if they think it is a flier or a dead duck, either through your pages or via


Worksop, Nottinghamshire


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