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Bad sign when minister can't even get name right

A good start to the new Northern Ireland councils?

The minister has issued to all of Northern Ireland's media an incorrect 'template' map showing that we, on the Ards, are now under a council called North Down and Ards.

Not so, and nor was it an April Fool's joke.

North Down and Ards was the original, intended name for the new local authority.

After the publication of this logical name, there then followed a tremendous amount of expenditure from which it emerged that the council would instead be given the ludicrous and meaningless name East Coast.

It shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone that this absurd new proposal could not endure. After an outcry by ordinary people, and much further cogitation by our councillors, our new council went almost full circle and concluded that the name should instead be Ards and North Down.

This is not a good omen for the future wise counsel and good governance of our affairs, nor is the expenditure impressive.

I think at the very least there should be full disclosure of the total costs involved in this exercise. Secondly, we should be told why the relevant ministry, with all its fanfare about the new local authorities, couldn't get the final name right on their template map.

Andrew Mackinlay

By email

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