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Baggott and his officers deserve our praise

All this talk about how many times the Union flag is flown on Belfast City Hall is childish, because, if the tricolour was flown from the City Hall, the loyalists would be moaning even more.

Rather than Peter Robinson being critical of Matt Baggott's actions over the flag, he should praise the chief constable for all his hard work in trying to obtain peace.

I lived in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and early-1980s and was married to an RUC officer. A member of my church, part-time RUC officer David Purse, was murdered, as were a number of people I knew.

When I visited Northern Ireland last year, I noticed how different the atmosphere was, even from previous visits. Belfast was a pleasurable place to walk.

I visited PSNI headquarters, where I was taken to see the RUC/PSNI memorial garden, which included a tribute to David Purse. The afternoon was one I will never forget.

I am a missionary in Kenya and, as we wait for the election results, we are wondering if there will be bloodshed again.

This is why I appreciate the work of Matt Baggott and his men and women, as I know the struggles they face.

I would like to say well done to the chief constable and all those involved with peace and pray that there is continued progress.

My advice to Peter Robinson is: don't let petty squabbles spoil how far you've come.


Migori, Kenya

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