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Balance needed on ‘lost’ Belfast

I read your story on the ‘Lost' Areas of Belfast and the Forum for Alternative Belfast (BT 21-1-10).

The Forum spokesman referred to Sailortown and ‘Little Italy' in the docks area as a “mainly nationalist area”. But a large unionist community lived in the York Street, Docks area for generations.

Many worked as dockers and seamen and in the Workman & Clark and Harland & Wolff shipyards and Gallahers cigarette factory as well as the huge mills which dominated the local skyline.

The ‘Docker Poet' John Campbell writes lovingly of his life in the area in the book ‘Saturday Night in York Street.' One would hope that any regeneration of the docks area would not see it dominated by one sectarian bloc and that it would reflect all the political and cultural differences that made up this historic area of the city.

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