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Ban imports of anything we can produce locally

MENTION is made of market forces and how we shouldn't interfere with them, allowing the invisible hand of the market to determine economic outcomes. But what these theories ignore is empirical reality.

If China is dumping steel at knockdown prices onto the UK marketplace (and across Europe as a whole), then the UK domestic steel industry will soon collapse.

However, without its own steel industry, the UK in future will be buying steel from China at hiked-up prices.

It's the same with the UK dairy industry. If we allow these industries to go to the wall, then in the future we'll be paying much higher prices than now. We'll also not have the choice to revert back to what we enjoyed for generations as steel plants and dairy farms will have disappeared.

The solution is to ban imports of anything we can already produce in the UK. It seems to me a better plan to have prices a little higher, but with a population in work and able to afford domestic produce, rather than a population out of work, unable to afford imported produce and without a choice in the matter.


Hillsborough, Co Down

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