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Ban on public vaping would be a mistake

The ban on smoking in enclosed public places was introduced to benefit non-smokers, whose health was put at risk as a result of being in close proximity to smokers.

Therefore, any proposal to include vaping within this ban must also be to protect the health of non-vapers (News, June 24).

Is passive vaping dangerous? No. Several major scientific studies in the United States and Europe have concluded that vaping causes no significant harm to bystanders.

Does public vaping undermine the smoking ban? No. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has stated there is a 99% compliance rate with the smoking ban and it has found no evidence that vaping in public is undermining this.

Does vaping in public act as a gateway to smoking, or lead to a renormalisation of smoking? No. Research by organisations such as ASH found no such evidence. What such a ban would do is force vapers outside to vape alongside smokers, exposing them to second-hand smoke and causing some to go back to smoking. Is this what the BMA wants?

We should make it as easy as possible to switch from smoking to vaping - not place barriers in the way.


Chief executive, Independent British Vape Trade Association

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