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Ban wild animal acts in circuses

I would like to ask Belfast MPs to support our campaign to ban wild animal acts in circuses.

It is widely recognised that only a ban can protect these animals, which currently include lions, tigers, elephants, camels, zebras and others.

In 2009, a secret camera concealed inside the elephant tent at a British circus filmed elephants being hit in the face with a metal hook, a broom and a pitchfork.

Animal Welfare Minister Lord Henley is currently deciding on the future for wild animals in circuses. A DEFRA public consultation earlier this year found that 94.5% of respondents supported a ban on the use of wild animals in this way.

I urge Naomi Long, Nigel Dodds and Gerry Adams to sign the EDM and also to write to Lord Henley to ask him to introduce the ban without further delay.


Captive Animals' Protection Society