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Ban Yanks and chavs to make ITV great again

My 10-point plan for making ITV great again:

1. Get rid of all ITV channels except ITV1 and rename it simply 'ITV';

2. Bring back full regionality throughout the United Kingdom;

3. Bring back all the jingles that we used to love humming along to;

4. Bring back the regional 9.25am five-minute formal musical start-up sequences;

5. Bring back warm, friendly and avuncular in-vision continuity announcers;

6. Ban all American programmes - when an American programme comes on, I automatically turn it off;

7. Ban all chavvy, trashy, dumbed-down 'celebrity' and 'reality' programmes;

8. Bring back ITV for Schools and Colleges on weekday mornings during term-time with the superb 1987-1993 theme music and 3D countdown clock;

9. Get rid of the toothless and useless regulator Ofcom, and;

10. Bring back the disciplinarian regulator that was so strict that nobody in ITV dared to step out of line - the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA).


Bangor, Co Down


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