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Banking on a reliable service

Following recent difficulties in attempts to get answers from banks, I have been looking back with some nostalgia to not so very long ago when it was possible to dial straight through to one's local branch without prolonged pressing of buttons, sometimes being cut-off part- way through and then having to repeat the tiresome process.

In those days staff generally knew what they were talking about and managers appeared to be more interested in service standards than in their annual performance bonuses or speculation about the latest takeover bid by well-dressed gents with foreign accents dreaming up new wheezes for relieving customers of their cash.

If I weren't a bit long in the tooth I could be tempted to set up a new local bank with customer service the No 1 priority, an appropriate name possibly being the Northern Ulster Trustworthy Banking Company.

However, as an alternative, I might just decide instead to withdraw whatever cash I've got and hide it under a mattress, thus eliminating the frustrating problem at one fell swoop.

Mere Customer, Newtownards


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