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BBC does not cater for all

Jane Graham claims in her article (February 12) that the TV licence fee is "great value for money".

Presumably Ms Graham is not a sports fan. If she was, I think she would have a different opinion.

What exactly does the BBC offer sports fans? No live Premier League match has ever been screened by the BBC.

The BBC also claim that their channels are 'free to air'. No, they are not. If they were, then we wouldn't have to pay £142.

And now because there are so many satellite channels, there are probably people in the UK who never watch the BBC. Yet they still have to pay the licence fee.

If the BBC want the public to continue to fund their organisation, then the salary of every member of their staff should be available to the public on request.

Otherwise, it's time to abolish the licence fee and let them raise their money through advertising.




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