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BBC guilty of overkill in football coverage

Noel Thompson's defence of the BBC's coverage of the Irish football team's defeat by Denmark (Online, November 15) is a non-issue.

The real issue is the assumption by the media that the populace of Northern Ireland are besotted with football (whatever the team) and think of little else.

Some do. Others live in the real world.

In the days following both the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland matches, Good Morning Ulster ran their post-match interviews and analysis ad nauseam, subsequently followed by Stephen Nolan rehearsing the same material for another half-hour.

It amazes me the amount of mileage the BBC and other media outlets squeezed out of these inglorious defeats.

I dread to think of the tsunami of naval-gazing clogging up the airwaves had either team won.

They played. They lost. Please move on.


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