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BBC just wants controversy on its programmes

On Monday, I was rung twice by the BBC about the Lord's Prayer controversy. The first call was for The Nolan Show. The researcher said that there was to be a Christian attacking the cinema ban on the prayer and would I put the opposing view? I said that, on free speech grounds, I would support him. She said she would leave it there.

Later, I was rung again by the BBC - this time by a researcher for Talkback. It, too, was dealing with the controversy and wanted a secularist to oppose a Christian. I gave the same answer and she, too, said that she would leave it there.

Why, I keep asking myself, is it automatically assumed by the BBC that a humanist will have opposing views to a Christian?

They want to hear speakers getting at each other's throats, so the BBC's attitude is to give them what they want.

But it isn't exactly helping a society which has come out of deep conflict and still faced by a deep sectarian divide to have the local media giving continual publicity to the loudest and often most extreme voices.

Many of us want a more diverse society, characterised by tolerance, compromise and pluralism and a more subtle approach to our own and the world's problems.

I'm afraid that these programmes do not help at all.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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