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BBC overlooks need for humanitarian aid to Palestinians

The BBC ban on the Gaza charity appeal is a landmark in the hypocrisy of the Western media.

The ban shows how, when it comes to Israel, the media panics, loses common sense and abandons the most basic humanitarian values.

This ban, done under the name of impartiality, is really a way to avoid reminding the UK and the world of Israel's latest crime against Palestinians.

In their ‘impartial ban’, the BBC is not telling us how many more Palestinians will suffer and die because of the lack of the most basic human needs.

By banning this charity appeal, the BBC is being partial and taking sides and it chose to be against those in need of help. Where was the BBC's impartiality when it called the onslaught on Gaza a ‘war’?

We know that there was no war but rather a pummeling by one strong and well-equipped army of a besieged and starved population.

For the three weeks of the brutal Israeli attack, there was little mention that the rockets launched on Israeli settlements were a desperate response to an 18-month blockade.

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There was little mention that, although the Israelis withdrew from Gaza in 2005, they kept it under their thumb through checkpoints, military incursions and raids.

This appeal is not about taking sides. This is an appeal to bring hope to a hungry, maimed and scared people. An appeal so the children of Gaza won't grow up thinking of revenge, but rather thinking that a better life is possible.

Salman Gharaibeh


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