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BBC's serious questions over Savile scandal


The BBC's reputation, following the Jimmy Savile affair, has caused serious doubts about its objectivity (News, October 24).

In spite of his death, Jimmy Savile has gone from public hero to public enemy overnight in a blaze of scandal.

Many people are wondering why it has taken so long to bring out the scandal and whether it was suppressed internally at the BBC. Clearly, reports by victims are substantiated and are not without foundation.

Savile's flamboyant personality and ostensibly benevolent nature betrayed a far darker side, which was linked to inappropriate behaviour and criminality.

The allegations against Savile and the BBC will shake the foundations of the broadcaster, whose future has become uncertain.

Undoubtedly the Savile scandal has come to the boil and could not be contained any longer.

The BBC's editorial and corporate demarcation is also very much in doubt, with the censoring of investigative programme-making into the matter.

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The public trust in the world-renowned broadcaster is now at an all-time low. Serious doubts exist about management at the BBC and the role of the Government in making sure that things run smoothly.

The eerie reality is that many public figures have turned out to be wearing masks to conceal who they really are.

The Jonathan King scandal was not all that long ago, after all.


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