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BBC's talking heads don't represent public

Nelson McCausland, on the BBC's Stephen Nolan Show, suggested that the BBC, in its choice of commentators, provided an unintentional bias against the DUP.

 He singled out academics in that group. While I do not agree that an intentional bias exists, a laziness has crept into the BBC's format. Any regular listeners to The Nolan Show, Talkback, or The View will know exactly what I mean (although, The BBC is not alone in this).

Commentary has been reduced to an increasingly elite group of academics, bloggers, journalists, or ex-politicians - what Nelson McCausland neatly describes as the "commentariat", which he may now be only too eager to join.

As our politicians take stock, so, too, should the Press and media.

They should reflect that the commentariat of which they are so fond represents a growing elite in our discourse, but they are not a proxy for wider public, or professional, opinion.

Our political class needs to be challenged by experts from beyond these shores on how they manage healthcare, education and the economy.

We need some fresh thinking in our discourse, rather than the comfort zone inhabited by our present commentator class.


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