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BBC's tasteless tributes to unrepentant terrorist McGuinness left a very bitter taste in the mouth

I felt physically sick when I watched newsreader George Alagiah’s sombre eulogy — in a tone more befitting the death of Mary Berry or the Queen — of remorseless terrorist Martin McGuinness on the BBC’s Six O’Clock News.

How ironic that, the very next day, Mr Alagiah chose exactly the same tone to give us the news of the horrific murders of innocent people in the Westminster terror attack — their lives destroyed at the hands of another callous and cowardly murderer.

What next? Uncontrollable weeping from George and the BBC at the death of Gerry Adams? A similar show of grief at the demise of any British Isis members who also claimed they have “given up violence” because, in reality, like McGuinness, they knew the prosecution service and the police were closing in fast?

It beggars belief that while victims of the Westminster atrocity had died or were still lying crippled in their hospital beds, the BBC saw fit to spew out tasteless and repugnant tributes to the vile, unrepentant terrorist McGuinness.

Dubbed now a “peacemaker” by the increasingly warped BBC, the shameless Tony Blair, as well as other deranged parties, we must remember that there would have been no need for the Northern Ireland “peace process” if McGuinness and his IRA henchmen hadn’t bombed, killed and butchered blameless men, women and children for decades.

However, perhaps the fawning over McGuinness is just the first of many tributes to sadistic killers by our publicly funded BBC and we should expect future homages to, among others, Peter Sutcliffe, Harold Shipman and al-Qaida.

Howard Henry Smith

Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan

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