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Beeb fails to respect our team

It is disappointing that, with increasing mutual respect within our society, the BBC continues to show disrespect towards the majority in our province by misnaming our national football team.

I tuned into Good Morning Ulster last month to listen to the sports bulletin at 8.25am and was very angry to hear our Northern Ireland team, who had the previous evening beaten Liechtenstein 3-1 in the European championship, described as 'the North' instead of Northern Ireland.

In the same bulletin, the Republic of Ireland football team were rightly afforded their proper title and were not described as 'the South', which would have been equally demeaning.

The IFA have been very successful in eradicating sectarianism from within our game and it is sad that the BBC cannot play its part as well. Instead, it continues to antagonise and cause controversy which should belong to a bygone era.

NI Football Supporter, Bushmills

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