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Beeb shows true colours yet again

If Sinn Fein asked a PR firm how best to humiliate Ulster unionism, then the advice could well be to get the flag protesters onto the BBC Nolan TV show, have a skewed panel, sit back and let a Left-wing BBC do the rest.

The only winners of the infamous Nolan TV show were Sinn Fein and Nolan's ratings. Like the Lord McAlpine Newsnight programme, the show also confirmed how lacking the BBC are in editorial control.

Quite simply, in the current, sensitive climate, the Nolan TV show should have been pulled before transmission.

It is sad that the BBC seems to favour Sinn Fein over other politicians. Allowing Sinn Fein MLA Barry McElduff free rein to glorify the past on the Radio Ulster Nolan Show (January 9) is proof-positive of this.


Lisburn, Co Down

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