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Beeb’s talent exposed

Last Friday I watched the first show of the new BBC prime time series Northern Exposure.

It would be more accurate to say, I endured it as my husband and I really had to persevere to stay with it.

This was undoubtedly one of the worst of its kind, not just because of the uninspiring venues, but mainly due to the most uninspiring presenters.

The woman wasn't too bad and at least pretended to be enjoying it at times, but Laurence whatever his name was crushingly dull and patronising to Ulster audiences.

His comments were uninformative, unintelligent and unentertaining, and there was I thinking that was the remit for presenters on BBC programmes to be all of these.

As the couple approached Rathlin Island on a boat, the only thing Mr Bowen could think of to say was “Oh look, the cliffs are all dirty, the birds have dirtied them.”

Banal doesn't even begin to describe his ineptitude. What I'd like the BBC to explain, given that ‘it's our BBC', is why didn't they have local presenters?

Are we really so short on local talent?

If this show is meant to entice viewers to visit the various locations, the lack of interest from the presenters of Northern Exposure is guaranteed to deter visitors.



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