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Behaviour following RHI scandal illustrates how DUP thrives on sectarian division to stay in power

letter of the day: divide and conquer

After reading the letter signed "CH of Belfast" (Write Back, January 18), I feel compelled to write to correct a couple of the points raised in this letter.

Firstly, the author suggested Mike Nesbitt was "singing off the same hymn-sheet" as Sinn Fein over calls for Arlene Foster to step aside over the RHI scandal. This is a myth the DUP are spreading to deflect focus away from this scandal.

Every party in Northern Ireland wanted her to step aside, as do people from all sections of our community. Sinn Fein were, in actual fact, the last party to officially comment on the RHI debacle.

If anything, it was Opposition parties, including unionist parties, that led the calls for Mrs Foster to step aside - Sinn Fein merely followed their lead.

Is the author of this letter seriously suggesting unionists should turn a blind eye when other unionists make decisions that cost this country nearly half a billion pounds?

Secondly, the author claimed that rights for LGBT people is a "Sinn Fein demand". This comment is so ignorant.

Anyone with any common decency has been making this "demand". There are many, many, many LGBT people within the unionist community. Is "CH" saying they are unworthy of equality?

As for you "can't redefine marriage", well this is nonsense. The fact people can get divorced so easily, when marriage is supposed to be "until death us do part" is proof marriage has been redefined before.

If the author's view of political unionism is one that only supports certain people within the unionist community, then that is something that is alien to me and I do not wish to be a part of.

Hopefully, on Thursday, March 2, the unionist electorate will see through the nonsense the DUP are spreading to try and turn RHI into an "Orange-Green" issue.

This party thrives on sectarian division to stay in power. The RHI scandal is not "an attack on unionism"; it is an attack on, at best, incompetence.


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