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Bel Tel's True Colours survey leaves voters poll-axed

I did the survey and came up with a party I wouldn't consider voting for.


Wow, strange but true. I might just agree with other people of another political persuasion on some issues. Really strange.

TJ McClean

Well, I took the survey and much to my relief it showed that I am a supporter of the party I'd vote for. However, I'm not surprised at the results showing people vote along sectarian rather than policy lines, as there isn't really much other choice, is there?


The comments of Sharon Stewart are interesting. She is "horrified" that her political beliefs are in line with a party from the 'other' tradition but, rather than simply vote for the party with which her beliefs coincide, she demands that the parties from her 'own' side adopt these proposals so that she can vote for them. The assumption made is that she is being let down, or disenfranchised, by her 'own' political parties; she wants to agree with SF on the issue, but she wants to vote for it through her 'own' tradition.


Anonyjonny: I agree. In Northern Ireland, the majority of people vote on the basis of the party's nationalist/unionist stance, no matter what their policies might be. I'd love it if one day we could vote for a party based on what they can do for the place, instead of who you "should" vote for.

Victor Meldrew

Interesting. So how do you explain people's horror/relief/discomfort at the mismatch of their beliefs versus the party they vote for? The answer may be that, regardless of the tiny detail of governing the province sensibly, when it comes down to it most voters don't believe politicians will set aside their central Green/Orange ideology when conducting themselves in Government - and so they vote with that ideology foremost in their mind. For all the wishful thinking, I can't see either the politicians or the majority of voters here breaking this eternal cycle.


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