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Belfast Council proposal to ban dogs is unfair

Belfast City Council is proposing to ban all dogs from all the playing fields in the city, as well as from cemetries and playgrounds.

After a brief discussion at the parks committee, the proposal was slipped out over the Christmas period and the consultation period ends on January 25.

This blanket ban is a wholly disproportionate response to any problems dogs might cause and neither in papers discussed by the council nor in the consultation is a single argument given why it is necessary.

This ban contradicts the council's own policy of getting people out and about, walking and enjoying our parks and open spaces.

Dog owners are ratepayers and voters as well as all other citizens. Go to the city council's website, respond to the consultation and oppose the ban on dogs in playing fields.

Otherwise, your next visit to the open space where you have exercised your dog all your life will cost you an £80 fine.



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