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Belfast councillor urges us to think of the elderly this Christmas

Christmas can be a happy time for those with family and friends, but it can also be a lonely time for those on their own.

This is especially so for many older people who don't have relatives to rely on and depend on social services to provide help and support.

Over the Christmas holidays, when services may be restricted, the considerate act of calling with an elderly neighbour can be greatly appreciated.

Even a few minutes, that short time of human contact, may let an older and alone person know they are being thought about; it may even be a lifeline.

Perhaps in our busy lives we could think about the lonely neighbour and spare even a few minutes to call with him or her. It's good to be a caring neighbour throughout the year but particularly so at Christmas.

Indeed, isn't that one part of what Christmas is about? I believe that it is.



Titanic Area, East Belfast

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