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Belfast councillors should think again about LGBT window


Thank goodness for Alf McCreary's words of wisdom (April 8) re the proposed LGBT window in the City Hall.

What has the LGBT movement done for anyone compared with, for example, Professor Pantridge who invented the life-saving defibrillator, or for that matter all the many health professionals down the years who have saved umpteen lives?

Why not a window for the nurses and doctors who during the Troubles worked far and above the call of duty in the midst of horrendous situations following bombings and murders?

These and many others are much more deserving than a group which is never done pushing for more and more "rights", and in the process willingly trampling on the consciences of those who oppose them, using the courts and taxpayers' money to do so.

Please catch yourselves on, council members, and stop this PC nonsense.

Mrs S Wilson



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