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Belfast drivers are UK's angriest

I've never seen driving like some of that witnessed in certain parts of Belfast.

Too many taxis, whose drivers show no consideration for anyone except comrades, hold back cars to let a taxi in. Where else would you see a car brake suddenly on a main thoroughfare to let another car out? No concept of the rules of the road.


It's quicker to walk the length of the Ormeau Road into town than to drive and the bus is no better, given the infrequent service and refusal of Translink to speed up journeys by having an exact-fare-only system (which Dublin has had for nearly 15 years now). Belfast will continue to grind away in the slow lane, just as other cities, like Dublin, invest in their rapid tram system and reap the returns as more and more companies bring their jobs to the agile places with a vision of the future. Dracula's Tongue

Maybe it is a matter of temperament, because I've seen what driving is like in London – scary. We're a fiery bunch. I think that's at the bottom of it. They must be a dozy lot in Northampton.


Portoman: Yep, I see them nearly every day. They hate getting stuck behind my horse and cart.


I'm never angry. Who are you calling angry? You want some? Do ya?

T J McClean

Wolfe Tones invite DUP man to concert

A very diplomatic response by the Wolfe Tones. Perhaps Gregory Campbell should stick to politics and trying to better Northern Ireland for all, instead of answering tweets. You could talk all day about sport stars and their views. I remember, when I was growing up, Rangers' footballers who were famous for more than their soccer skills. When you go down these avenues, where do you stop? Stick to politics, Mr Campbell.


I trust James McClean will keep his Twitter account closed this time. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but James seems to enjoy being a wind-up merchant.


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