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Belfast International Airport’s set down fee

It is a very easy way for them to make additional money, someone in management has identified it and unfortunately there does not seem much anyone can do about it at the moment, other than to ensure and book your flights from Belfast City Airport.

Beware an even bigger rip off if you forget cash and go to a machine to pay and they charge you a 3% surcharge for using a card.


If continued to be charged these prices, people must all make a conscious decision to buy nothing when in the airport. It may be difficult for some but a bit of pre-planning should mean you have all you’ll need before you get to the airport.


I was in the car park last week in the Belfast City Airport for 13 minutes picking someone up and it cost me £2 to get out. We have to stand up to these people. If we don't, it will get worse. We need advice on how to go about it. I thought that was what airport charges were for, things like this.


Under my last headteacher, I found through grim experience that if I took on any unruly pupil I was on on my own — absolutely no support! During a period |of just four years, three teachers left the school through stress and the rest of the staff were totally disillusioned and demoralised! School academic grades dropped significantly.

T J McClean

Gerry Adams is grandstanding |in a normal political manner |by continuing on this public method of seeking to resolve this contentious matter. Unfortunately it is creating more conflict. Mr Adams should be seeking and |implementing processes that allow both sides to approach |this matter without preconceived agendas.

JT Traveller

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