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Belfast’s Titanic project should be a sight to remember

I read with interest the comments of Paul Martin (Write Back, January 5) regarding the negative reaction to the Titanic Signature Project.

The TSP is a totally hideous building which fails to respect Titanic’s memory. Surely the citizens of Belfast have a right to express their concerns in a constructive manner? Sinking vast sums of public money into a building that is being dubiously claimed as ‘iconic’ will do nothing to promote Titanic tourism.

The more appropriate location for a world-class tourist attraction would be the former drawing office of Harland and Wolff. This historic building is steeped in the maritime history of Belfast. The drawing office, unlike the TSP, is an iconic building which should be used to tell the Titanic story.

This building could be transformed into a vibrant international Titanic centre. Belfast will end up with a pig-in-a-poke rather than a sight to remember.

I cannot accept Paul Martin’s assertion that the TSP will be a world-class tourist attraction. A soulless building with the equivalent of a big-dipper masquerading as a flying theatre is no more than a monstrous carbuncle. A building with a basement car park that is making a carnival out of a funeral. It is sad that the memory of the Titanic is not being treated with more respect in Belfast. Titanic has become a byword for disaster. In years to come the TSP will be seen as another major catastrophe.

Tom Neill


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