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Believing thousands of animals were put in ark is ludicrous and an embarrassment to religion

letter of the day: creationist argument

The modern madness for a narrow and selective literalist interpretation of the Bible leads some to lose the sense they were born with.

Let us imagine that it is true that you can have room to fit just 16,000 different pairs of animals into an ark (of course, 54,000 would be too many).

Think about what it would have taken to gather them all into one place, pair by pair: elephants, kangaroos, lions, goats, badgers, you name it, they all had to be sought out, collected and brought back to the construction site of the ark.

This would not have been a morning of herding in the cattle - no, it would be a work which would clearly have taken years. They had to be brought to one central location, where they would be housed and fed before boarding the ark. Just imagine the job of collecting and maintaining that amount of food to feed that number of animals over a period of years. Show me an Ulster farmer who is up to that job.

Then there is the work of making sure the animals don't kill each other. Many teachers will have had the experienced the difficulty of trying to keep the peace among 32 children. Try to imagine 32,000 animals - I, for one, cannot.

No, the length to which the Young Earth Creationist movement will go to fabricate and concoct evidence to suit its own arguments is simply a complete and utter disgrace to religion.


Paris, France

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