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Belittling politicians will not get my vote

Now that we are into full election mode once again, with politicians all telling us how to vote, let me return the favour and tell them how I intend to choose where to cast my votes.

I think most people in Northern Ireland know how each party stands on any given issue, so their "election communications" are a bit of a waste of time and money (not to mention a few forests).

I will, however, read them all, I'll read most of the "opinion pieces" in the papers, and I'll watch the party election broadcasts on the TV.

My votes will then go to those who at least try to be positive, rather than simply belittling their opponents.

All I and most of my family and friends want is an Assembly (of any hue, none of us really care which) which can get on with the delivery of essential public services in a timely, cost-efficient manner, with not a vanity project in sight.

And maybe leave the constitutional argument to a small, separate entity, whose members could meet and harangue each other in a little room in some dark corner of Stormont and give the rest of us a bit of peace and quiet.



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