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Beneficiaries of Rising let down the men of 1916

THEY didn't fight for freedom. They fought for a certain type of freedom.

They died for an ideology and a vision of a sovereign state that has never even threatened to be implemented by those who benefited from the freedom and the power to do so that came about because of the sacrifice made in 1916.

Compare the ideology of the Proclamation with Ireland's policies and with successive governments' ideologies and even with Ireland today - you can clearly see there is no correlation between the two.

And that's life. People benefit all the time from the sacrifice of others who have gone before them. We can't expect those who follow in the footsteps to have the same principles and romantic idealism of their predecessors.

It would be fantastic if it was the case, but it's not. And, so, since it's not, all I ask is that they don't go out there and pretend to have some sort of affiliation with them.


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