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Better ways to spend taxes

Laurence White states that the UUP and SDLP should get their act together on the current education fiasco, which is fine as far as it goes (October 19).

Not far behind education in the fiasco stakes is the Review of Local Government.

With the Review of Public Administration having cost £90m to date, and boundaries still not agreed, it now appears that further millions are to be wasted in establishing 11 local councils with an additional super delivery council, according to the latest report by DoE consultants PWC.

So much for strong local government when 11 ‘talking shop’-type quango councils are to be created while the real work will be done by a super delivery council at an unknown cost and unaccountable to local ratepayers.

Why not cut through the costly horse-trading process that will follow the implementation of this nonsense and admit that a region of 1.7m people does not need 11 councils and 400-odd councillors when it has a regional Government that can work via a single delivery vehicle. Surely addressing a shortage of hospital beds and under-provided schools are better ways to spend our limited taxes?



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