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Beware of Brothers Grim

Since the Brothers Grim took the reins of power in the Assembly how has their management of Northern Ireland affairs altered the lives of the ordinary voter?

In education, the children, their parents, teachers and head masters are all baffled as to how primary to secondary transfer will be managed.

In the job market, the future looks as bleak as can be.

The elderly in our society can look forward to a grim winter of discontent as prices soar for electricity, gas, heating fuel and food.

And still the Brothers Grim give a passing impression of Rumpelstiltskin, refusing to agree to meetings of the Executive which prevents such pressing social problems being addressed by Assembly MLAs and ministers.

The dwarf in the make-believe world of fairy tale only tore himself apart — must we wait in the real world until the non-functioning Brothers Grim (flag bearers of DUP and Sinn Fein) tear Northern Ireland apart?

Brian McKinney

Labour Party of NI

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