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Beware of film truths

Films do not always tell the true story.

Their major concern is so often just to make money and often at the expense of truth.

They do not always deal with the stories of heroes, in spite of what Danny Morrison will have us believe in his support for the hunger strikers.

Bobby Sands and his companions were guilty of crimes against the state.

Unfortunately, they were also guilty of a greater crime.

They overstepped the boundary of God’s grace.

I have no doubt that had the so-called lawbreakers chosen another way they would have been free men today and probably in the Stormont Government.

Danny Morrison can write whatever he likes, but the truth will prevail in the end. |We, as a Protestant people, bury our dead with dignity and honour their memory.

Unfortunately, in our country there are also those on both sides who bury their dead and then exploit a tragedy.

Former Shankill Man


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