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Beware of the dogma

Kevin McNicholl is right to say that Creationists such as Mervyn Storey MLA are either wilfully denying, or foolishly ignorant of, whole scientific disciplines like geology and paleontology (Write Back, August 26).

Look at the rock strata which we see all around our coasts. Geologists can explain the formations with reference to processes of sedimentation, volcanic eruptions, erosion and deposition which took place over millions of years.

The science of geology which has taken many scientists a life time's work since the days of Charles Lyell, has arrived at the conclusion that the different geological eras are millions of years each.

I doubt if Mervyn Storey is qualified to defy the accumulated knowledge and expertise of the whole discipline of geology.

I am certain that if he had managed to revolutionise that body of knowledge he would have received a Nobel Prize.

The Creation story is a religious myth. It belongs in the RE class, not in science.

Politicians who attempt to distort the Northern Ireland curriculum to suit their own religious dogma are in danger of inflicting serious damage on the education and prospects of our schoolchildren.

Les Reid


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