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Beware of 'truth economics'

Just this morning I received an electoral communication from Naomi Long of the Alliance Party.

In it she makes wild and fanciful claims that only she can win the East Belfast Parliamentary seat from Peter Robinson.

In it she tells us that this is based on the results of the 2007 Assembly election where she secured 5,583 first preference votes against the UUP's Sir Reg Empey's total of 4,139.

What she does not tell us is that in that election - under the PR system - she was the sole Alliance candidate, while the UUP had three candidates including Sir Reg.

The total first preference votes cast for the three UUP candidates in that election was 6,516 - almost 20% more than Naomi and Alliance.

Shame on you, Naomi, for resorting to such 'truth economics'.

The reality is that the only candidate in the East Belfast contest who can unseat the current encumbent is Trevor Ringland of the Ulster Unionists and Conservatives.

Perhaps Naomi and her Alliance colleagues should consider taking that well-known oath to tell 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth'?




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