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Beware the Irish language police coming your way

I AM sure most people will be aware of the very recent spat in the Republic's courts over what is and what is not acceptable as evidence in the case of a breath test that proved positive in plain English and a non-event in the Irish language. Yes, indeed. Quite unbelievable in 2015, but true.

This all comes down to the ever-increasing pressure from the various Irish language groups which now has, in the Republic, its very own commissioner for the language. Yes, a commissioner with real teeth, sitting somewhere in the west of Ireland, in splendid isolation.

This individual appears to have more clout than any Prime Minister when it comes to legislating for how we receive written information from government services, including information on public transport, public notices of every kind, safety notices, road signs and advertising. His remit seems at times to be endless.

So, before Northern Ireland falls foul of the language police, I would advise those currently in power there to make it clear to would-be "super-patriots" that the same nonsense will not be tolerated.

You have been warned. It all starts nice and quietly, with the addition of street names; after that it's open season.

I know - I've seen it develop. And I have to live with it.



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