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Beware those buggy-wielding mums on trains

Couldn't agree more with Lindy McDowell about 'Atilla the Mum' and her maurading band of buggies (Life, March 14).

As a frequent traveller on NIR, I have encountered these buggy-pushers on many an occasion. Cyclists have a priority area after 9.30am to place their bikes against tip-up seats - a perfect area for buggies.

But pity the poor cyclist who gets on only to find a encampment of buggy-ists glowering at the cyclist who is hoping to park his/her bike safely.

It takes a brave cyclist to demand their rights at a time like this with looks that could - and probably will - reduce said cyclist to tears.

Usually, the cyclist relents and is forced to stand for the duration of the journey, which is probably one stop less than that of the buggy-wielding mums.

NIR staff also seem reluctant to face the opposition, preferring to allow the cyclist to keep his, or her, bike in the vestibule of the train.

Beware the advance of the baby tanks.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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