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Bible talk has no place in our museums

The Rev Philip Campbell (Write Back, May 27) would like the Bible promoted as God's word in the Ulster Museum.

He says "the Christian position is based on strong scientific evidence", like God created the universe and everything in it and that we are sinners who can be redeemed through the creator's atoning sacrifice of himself on the cross - the Christian gospel to be precise.

Mr Campbell should understand that the nature of science, unlike the Bible or the Koran, is not based on a miraculous meteorology.

We need to be honest here. To look outside of nature to explain the universe, and this would include the 'intelligent design' movement, is certainly not science. It's faith - nothing more.

Complexity exists so they "believe'', without any evidence, that God did it. This is church talk and does not belong in a museum.


Dunmurry, Co Antrim