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Biblical truths that cannot be doubted

The letter fom Donald J Morrison (Write Back, June 22) put the cat among the humanist pigeons.

They are glad to blast what they would call "blind faith" - ie faith unsupported by evidence. They try to out-pity Mr Morrison.

Paul the Apostle declared that, if the dead don't rise, then Christians are of all men (and women) to be most pitied.

Why should Christians suffer for the faith if there is, in fact, no resurrection? Christianity hinges on this question.

The texts of the New Testament are in a league of their own, unmatched by other ancient documents. We need have no doubt about their authenticity or fidelity. But were the writers simply confused about what actually happened?

Accepting the accuracy of the narrative, a barrister decided to weigh the evidence and publish his findings. He had no doubt that he would declare the resurrection story to be an error.

However, the book which Frank Morrison wrote is called Who Moved The Stone? The first chapter is entitled The Book That Refused To Be Written. He had expected to conclude that no such event had happened, but as he sifted the facts and weighed the probabilities, a different verdict emerged.

I hold that, if Jesus resurrected, then everything He said and did can be trusted, believed in and rested on for salvation. They are sound, true and to be heeded above all human philosophy.

Simply, He is as He said: truth itself.


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