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Big Society needs more thought

I CAN only feel sceptical about David Cameron's Big Society. Where will all these "community-spirited" people come from to implement his scheme?

Neighbourhood Renewal attempted to empower my local community with the promise that the Community Forum would be able to "bend mainstream funding" to reflect local needs.

A few dedicated residents worked hard at this for six years, but the results were disappointing.

Mr Cameron has no real knowledge of what it is like to live in the most deprived areas where he is wanting us all to play at being a big, happy family running local services and where most people will not have the resources, time, inclination or skill to do this.

What most people want is dedicated councils with the resources, vision, determination and capability to tackle deprivation, poor housing, bad landlords, crumbling infrastructure, poorly maintained public spaces, anti-social behaviour, litter and dog-fouling.


Hastings, East Sussex