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Bigger issues in Brexit than the Irish border

Malachi O'Doherty's thinking (News, March 28) seems to be part of the problem local political parties have in thinking about Northern Ireland.

He passes over, rather than challenges the parties to sit down and face the enormous disruptive consequences of a Brexit split-up of the common travel and employment area within and between the Britannic islands and what that says about our relations; a split-up of a natural geographic grouping with many cultural affinities.

Stop concentrating on the border between Northern and southern Ireland as though that is the only border that matters.

The EU border would run through the Irish Sea, and the EU will have the final say on that.

And that would be but one among a number of issues that the threat of such a border has brought to the fore.

Consider, for instance, not only the quantity of goods that pass through on the most economical way to other destinations, but, in addition, how many citizens of Ireland's 26 counties (not to mention the six) not only freely move to and fro, but live and work in England, Scotland and Wales.

What are the future relations to be?

That, rather than the Anglophobia of Gerry Adams, should concentrate the mind on the situation we face.

wa miller


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