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Bigots have left us stuck in a time-freeze

The issue has been around for many a year, but it has become most relevant in the past year or so.

We have sat on our hands while the UK passed an equal marriage Bill in the Commons and the US legalised marijuana in states such as Washington, as well as other states decriminalising its use recreationally and medicinally.

Yet we refuse to update our abortion law, as the rest of the world continues to give the rights to women that they deserve.

We let an equal marriage proposal pass us by because we have bigots acting on our behalf in Stormont.

It seems we are stuck in some kind of time-freeze and this has all to do with our representation across the country.

Don't get me wrong, there are many brilliant politicians. Naomi Long kept in touch with me for months while the UK and EU looked at their stance on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement after I wrote her a letter explaining my concerns. But there are many that seek to pull us back further into the dark ages.

I am sick of this Government giving credence to the views of only a few sets of people. It is time that we have politics that truly represents everyone. That means progressives, secularists, other religious affiliations and any other kind of point of view.

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At the moment, we have a Government that is turning this country into a theocracy ruled by religious bigotry.


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