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Bin bag tax and concentrate on economy

Is the number of plastic bags used in Northern Ireland really the most pressing issue at the moment?

We are faced with flag protests, the biggest economic crisis since the war, soaring food, petrol and energy prices – yet the big idea is to pick on hard-pressed shoppers once again and hit them with yet another tax.

If you are that concerned about the amount of waste going to landfill, why not start with the supermarkets?

It seems quite unnecessary for a pineapple slice to be sold in a plastic carton, when it comes in quite a nice package of its own. This is just one example, from M&S – pioneers of lecturing us in this field.

My point is this: politicians are reluctant to confront big business and go after the consumers instead, because they are an easy target. The reality is that plastic bags don't take up that much room in landfill and the countryside is hardly strewn with the things.

Also, if the problem is that they are non-biodegradable, why tax paper bags as well?

Finally, I wonder what Alex Attwood lines his kitchen bin with? That's where most of my plastic bags end up – as, I imagine, is the case with most people.

Now I shall just have to buy plastic bags to do the same job, which again will end up in landfill. Plain crazy.


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