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Bins should have been out for rally

May I congratulate Michael McCrudden on highlighting the filth left by the rally in Portrush on Easter Sunday (News, April 10) and also the council and PSNI's lack of planning regarding litter and illegal cars.

I emailed the council on Good Friday, expressing my disappointment regarding repairs in Portrush. I mentioned the cables cut on the West Prom - the first six weeks ago and the second two weeks ago. They could have been patched up on a temporary basis to give visitors a good impression. As of today - nothing.

Regarding the car rally, it was known weeks ago this would occur. The town was gridlocked and Ramore car park was ankle-deep in rubbish. Why did the council not put out temporary bins? They do at the NW200. How many litter tickets were issued? I suspect none.


Portrush, Co Antrim

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