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Blair attackers forget peace achievements

While public opinion on Tony Blair's foreign policy remains deeply divided on the issue of Iraq, events in Ireland must never be allowed pass without due regard.

Tony Blair -- unlike any other prime minister in the unfortunate history of division between our two nations -- honestly and courageously sought peace over policy.

Understandably, a high level of emotion permeates the process of conflict resolution. The Good Friday Agreement must continue to act as a firewall between the present and the virus that is our past. Time itself will adjudicate whether Blair's actions in Iraq merit justification. But his legacy and efforts in bringing peace to Ireland are already consigned to achievement.

It seems all but a short time ago now since the Troubles poisoned relations between Britain and Ireland.

So let us not pass judgment on Blair's involvement in Iraq without first reminding ourselves of his assistance in dealing with a far dirtier war waged for centuries within our own island.

Stephen Fernane, Kkilflynn, Co Kerry

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