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Blair's political legacy will be defined by poor lack of judgment that ended in the deaths of thousands

letter of the day: chilcot report

Before the Belfast Agreement was signed Prime Minister Tony Blair made the bold proclamation that he felt the "hand of history" upon him, for what he believed would be a historic agreement that would be a lasting legacy for him.

The "hand of history" is, indeed, upon Tony Blair, but for one thing only: the war in Iraq.

The Chilcot Report gave a damning verdict on Tony Blair and his decision to send the Army to invade Iraq in 2003 to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

This war, which was to cost the lives of 179 British soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, was based on security information that was inaccurate in what was an unnecessary war, as other peaceful options had not been fully considered.

Tony Blair is a skilful and articulate politician, but at his Press conference, when responding to the Chilcot Report, he had the look of a haunted man who knows he made a serious error of judgment that cost the lives of tens of thousands of people and caused greater problems for Iraq and the Middle East today with the rise of Islamic State.

An Iraqi civilian, filmed with a sledgehammer hitting the statue of Saddam Hussein at the time of the war in 2003, when interviewed after the Chilcot Report said that, before the war, there was only one Saddam Hussein, but Blair and George Bush had created thousands of Saddam Husseins. No apologies or words from Tony Blair can help ease the pain or suffering of those families whose loved ones were killed serving with the Army in Iraq for an unnecessary war, which, in its aftermath, has created greater unrest and conflict in this volatile region.

Tony Blair may want his legacy to be remembered for his role in the Northern Ireland "peace process", but what did this achieve except the elevation of IRA terrorists into government and innocent victims of IRA terrorism forgotten. Some legacy.


TUV Cookstown

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