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Blue Badge fiasco is hurting the disabled

Since the beginning of April this year, approximately 7,000 disabled people in Northern Ireland have been waiting for a replacement, or a new, Blue Badge.

The Department for Infrastructure has taken our money, but failed to send out the necessary certificate, which would have enabled us to park in bays for the disabled.

Thousands of badge-holders across the province, however, are now in the position where they cannot legally use their expired Blue Badge in situations which are critical to them, such as at a hospital, or even if they are making a trip to their local shop.

Things are so bad that a terminally-ill adult, or child, might actually die before this useless department sends a badge to them.

I was angered when I read the Department's response, stating that they are "working as quickly as possible".

Being disabled is hard enough without incompetent people dismissing our needs as though they were of no consequence.

I do not know who the Minister for Infrastructure is, but he or she should be sacked.


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