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Boeing has form for trade disputes and will lose no sleep over jobs in Northern Ireland and Canada


The current dispute between Boeing and Bombardier should come as no surprise to those with an interest in aviation as the United States has previous form in this regard.

Back in the 1950s aircraft manufacturer Avro Canada was engaged in the development of a revolutionary new fighter interceptor - the Avro Canada CF105 Arrow.

This aircraft was at least a decade ahead of anything the Americans had to offer, both in terms of technology and performance, but the project was abruptly cancelled. As a result Avro Canada went out of business with the loss of 15,000 jobs. Canada was then obliged to buy inferior, obsolescent US aircraft.

Moving forward to the 1990s and Boeing made similar allegations of unfair subsidies against Airbus Industries.

Over the past decade or so Boeing has assumed a virtual monopoly of aircraft manufacture in the United States, having taken over former rivals such as Lockheed Martin and McDonnell Douglas.

It will do whatever it thinks is necessary to protect what it sees as its market, regardless of the consequences to potential rivals.

It will lose no sleep over the threat to jobs in Canada or Northern Ireland, and appeals to President Trump will in all probability fall on deaf ears. He is, after all, a businessman not a politician, and for him, as for US business in general, the deal is everything.

Brian Connolly


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